Enya Umanzor Age, Parents, Sister, Intercom, Birthday, Siblings, Mom

Enya Umanzor Age, Parents, Sister, Intercom, Birthday, Siblings, Mom

Enya Umanzor Age, Parents, Sister, Intercom, Birthday, Siblings, Mom:-Enya Umanzor is a well-known content creator on TikTok and YouTube. She shares her life with her family, including her parents and siblings, in her videos. Enya celebrates her birthday joyfully every year, often featuring her sister in the celebrations. Her fun and engaging videos have made her popular online.

Enya Umanzor Bio

Full NameEnya Umanzor
Date of BirthJanuary 22, 1999 (20 years old)
BirthplaceMiami, Florida, United States
CareerYouTube Star
EducationGraduated from high school; attending college (specifics not disclosed)
FamilyRaised by her father; has two siblings: brother Dontae and sister Sophia
Social MediaInstagram: 940k followers, Twitter: 680k followers
YouTube ChannelStarted ‘enjajaja’ in 2014, known for makeup and lifestyle videos
Popular Videos‘TAY K Diss Track’, ‘First Day of Senior Year Vlog’, ‘I do my makeup while being a narcissist’
Net WorthEstimated at $300,000
Relationship StatusDating Roy Blair (since 2017), a singer
Height5 feet 3 inches
Weight58 kg
InterestsVlogging, makeup tutorials, music videos

Enya Umanzor Early Life and Education

Enya Umanzor was born on January 22, 1999, in Miami, Florida. She is of Honduran and American descent and holds American nationality. Raised by her father, Enya grew up with her brother Dontae and her sister Sophia. She completed high school and is currently attending college, though the specific school is not disclosed. Enya started her social media career on Vine in 2013, creating short videos. After Vine shut down, she moved to YouTube in 2014, where she continued to build her audience with makeup and lifestyle content. She now has 940,000 followers on Instagram and 680,000 followers on Twitter.

Enya Umanzor Parents Father and Mom

Enya ‘Enjajaja’ Umanzor was born on January 22, 1999, in Miami, Florida. While details about her mother are not available, she has spoken fondly about her father, who raised her along with her siblings Dontae and Sophia. Enya has publicly expressed gratitude for her father’s role as a single parent, especially on occasions like Mother’s Day, emphasizing his significant presence in their lives.

Enya Umanzor Sister and Siblings

Enya Umanzor is part of a close-knit family that includes her two siblings, Dontae and Sophia. Raised by their father, they have shared a bond strengthened by their upbringing. Enya often highlights her siblings in her social media posts, showcasing their supportive relationship. Together, they navigate life’s ups and downs, supporting each other along the way. Enya cherishes the strong family dynamic shaped by her sister Sophia and brother Dontae, who are integral parts of her life.

Enya Umanzor Age and Birthday

Enya Umanzor was born on January 22, 1999, and she is currently 25 years old. Each year on this date, she celebrates her birthday, sharing moments of joy and milestones with her followers on social media. These celebrations not only mark another year of her life but also serve as opportunities for Enya to connect with her audience and express gratitude for their ongoing support. Her birthday festivities reflect her lively and engaging personality, making these occasions special for her and her followers alike.

Enya Umanzor Intercom

Enya Umanzor is recognized for her role in the podcast “Emergency Intercom,” which she co-hosts with Drew Phillips. The podcast has gained popularity for its unconventional humor and recently transitioned from a makeshift kitchen-corner studio to a professional setup. Enya and Drew have embraced their distinctive comedic style, which resonates strongly with their audience, leading to substantial growth and numerous opportunities since the podcast’s inception.

Enya Umanzor News

Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips of Emergency Intercom are marking nearly three years since launching their podcast. They’ve upgraded from their makeshift kitchen-corner studio to a professional setup at TMG Studios, a move celebrated after 144 episodes. Known for their offbeat humor and daring stunts like their viral “ceiling-breaking” gag, they’ve found success by staying true to their unique style, which initially posed challenges in securing production support. Their journey reflects growth and creative fulfillment, with a dedicated fan base eagerly supporting their evolution into podcasting professionals.

Enya Umanzor Social Accounts

InstagramClick Here
TwitterClick Here
FacebookClick Here


Who is Enya Umanzor?

Enya Umanzor, also known as Enjajaja, is a popular content creator, podcaster, and social media personality known for her comedic talents and engaging online presence.

What is “Emergency Intercom”?

“Emergency Intercom” is a podcast hosted by Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips. It features a mix of humor, discussions on various topics, and occasional guest interviews.

When did “Emergency Intercom” start?

The podcast started in July 2021, initially as a project born out of pandemic boredom and has since grown into a successful platform.

Where can I listen to “Emergency Intercom”?

The podcast is available on major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube, where episodes are uploaded regularly.

Why is “Emergency Intercom” popular?

The podcast’s popularity stems from its unique blend of humor, authenticity, and the chemistry between Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips, appealing to a diverse audience.

What topics are discussed on “Emergency Intercom”?

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from current events and pop culture to personal anecdotes and humorous observations, often delivered with a comedic twist.

Who are some notable guests on “Emergency Intercom”?

The podcast has featured guests like celebrities, influencers, and personalities from various fields, adding diversity and fresh perspectives to the episodes.

How has “Emergency Intercom” evolved over time?

Initially recorded in a kitchen-corner setup, the podcast recently moved to a professional studio, marking a significant milestone in its growth and production quality.

What are Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips’ future plans for “Emergency Intercom”?

Enya and Drew continue to expand their podcast’s reach, exploring new opportunities for creative expression and engagement with their audience.

How can I stay updated with Enya Umanzor and “Emergency Intercom”?

You can follow Enya Umanzor on her social media channels and subscribe to “Emergency Intercom” on podcast platforms to receive updates on new episodes, events, and announcements.

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