Flora Ghebali’s Wikipedia Page Details Her Origins, With Her Mother Daniela Lumbroso, Grande Gueules, And Her Parents’ Association With RMC.

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Flora Ghebali’s Wikipedia Page Details Her Origins, With Her Mother Daniela Lumbroso, Grande Gueules, And Her Parents’ Association With RMC:-Flora Ghebali, born in Paris, is a key figure in French media and activism. She studied law and communication at CELSA before working at the Élysée Palace. In 2020, she started Coalitions, a consultancy that helps businesses adopt sustainable practices. As an author and host of the podcast “BLA BLA BLA,” she focuses on societal change. Forbes recognized her in their 30 Under 30 list for her impactful work in environmental and social advocacy.

Flora Ghebali Bio

Birth NameFlora Ghebali
BirthplaceParis, France
Date of BirthNot specified
EducationGraduated from CELSA (École des hautes études en sciences sociales) in Paris, specializing in communication and journalism
CareerWorked in press relations at the Élysée Palace
EntrepreneurshipFounded Coalitions, a consultancy promoting sustainable business practices, in 2020
PublicationsAuthor of “Ma génération va changer le monde” (2021), focusing on societal and environmental transformation
PodcastHosts “BLA BLA BLA,” a podcast discussing political engagement and activism
RecognitionNamed one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in France for her advocacy in environmental and social causes

Flora Ghebali Personal Life and Ege

Flora Ghebali, born and raised in Paris, France, leads a private life while making significant strides in media and activism. At 28 years old, she draws inspiration from her family’s legacy in media and social advocacy—her father, Eric Ghebali, an executive at Suez and co-founder of SOS Racisme, and her mother, Daniela Lumbroso, a renowned radio and television host. Beyond her professional commitments, Flora enjoys yoga and hiking, which provide balance amidst her busy schedule, reflecting her commitment to bridging societal gaps and promoting corporate responsibility.

Flora Ghebali With Her Mother Daniela Lumbroso

Flora Ghebali maintains a close relationship with her mother, Daniela Lumbroso, who is a notable figure in French media as a successful radio and television host. Lumbroso’s influential career has significantly impacted Ghebali, shaping her passion for communication and societal engagement. This influence is evident in Ghebali’s own career trajectory, where she actively participates in media, activism, and entrepreneurship, drawing on her mother’s guidance and support as she navigates her professional endeavors.

Flora Ghebali Relation with Grande Gueules

Flora Ghebali occasionally appears on the French radio show “Grande Gueules,” where she contributes as a commentator and advocate for environmental and social issues. Her involvement in the program highlights her commitment to fostering dialogue on significant societal topics. This aligns with her broader efforts in media and activism aimed at promoting positive change and raising awareness.

Flora Ghebali And Her Parents’ Association With RMC

Flora Ghebali’s parents, Eric Ghebali and Daniela Lumbroso, have been associated with RMC (Radio Monte Carlo), a prominent French radio station. Eric Ghebali, known for his executive role at Suez and co-founding SOS Racisme, has appeared on RMC as a commentator discussing various socio-political issues. Daniela Lumbroso, celebrated for her career in radio and television, likely also has ties to RMC through her broadcasting work. These connections highlight Flora Ghebali’s familial roots in media and her own involvement in socio-political discussions.

Flora Ghebali Social Accounts

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Who is Flora Ghebali? Flora Ghebali is a prominent French media personality, entrepreneur, and activist known for her advocacy in environmental and social causes.

What is Flora Ghebali known for? Flora Ghebali is known for her commentary on BFMTV, her consultancy Coalitions promoting sustainable business practices, and her podcast “BLA BLA BLA.”

What are Flora Ghebali’s career highlights? Flora Ghebali started at the Élysée Palace in press relations, founded Coalitions in 2020, authored “Ma génération va changer le monde,” and hosts “BLA BLA BLA.”

What are Flora Ghebali’s interests outside of work? Flora Ghebali enjoys yoga and hiking and is passionate about bridging societal divides and promoting responsible corporate behavior.

Where can I learn more about Flora Ghebali’s work? For updates on Flora Ghebali’s projects, publications, and media appearances, follow her on social media and visit her official website.

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