Jesse Binnall Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Biography

Jesse Binnall Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Biography

Jesse Binnall Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Biography – Former President Donald Trump and his top election fraud lawyer, Jesse Binnall, share several similarities. They both propagate the unfounded belief that the election was stolen, associate with some of the right’s most extreme conspiracy theorists, and frequently claim they are unfairly targeted by witch hunts. However, another less-discussed similarity between them is their tendency to evade paying taxes.

Jesse Binnall Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Biography

Jesse Binnall is a Longtime Tax Deadbeat

According to IRS records, he owes unpaid taxes to the U.S. government dating back to 2010. A lien of $139,242 was filed against him by the IRS in August 2018, covering unpaid amounts for each tax year from 2010 to 2015. As of May 5, records from the City of Alexandria, VA, indicate that Binnall has not settled the lien. Leslie Levin, a legal profession expert at the University of Connecticut School of Law, stated to The Daily Beast that if Binnall knowingly failed to file taxes, he would be violating the law and potentially breaching legal ethics regulations.

Leslie Levin, a legal expert from the University of Connecticut School of Law, explained to The Daily Beast that the ethical implications regarding his tax lien depend on the circumstances behind it. If Binnall willfully avoided filing taxes, it raises ethical concerns as deliberate non-filing is a criminal offense. However, if he has a valid reason to contest the owed amount, there wouldn’t be an ethical violation.

In response to inquiries from The Daily Beast, Binnall stated that his failure to pay taxes stemmed from financial flexibility issues typical for many small business owners. He clarified that as his business expanded, he had to manage tax bills by arranging to pay them over time rather than all at once. Binnall highlighted that numerous business owners face similar situations.

Binnall raised concerns about whether the scrutiny he faces is genuinely rooted in serving the public good or if it’s due to the clients he represents. Despite his involvement in high-profile cases and his clientele, which includes individuals involved in contentious issues like election fraud, Binnall questions whether he is targeted unfairly.

Jesse Binnall Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Biography

One notable case he handled was representing Dimitri Kesari, a former aide to Senator Ron Paul, in a campaign finance matter in 2016. Kesari was ultimately found guilty, and later, Trump pardoned his co-conspirators about two months after hiring Binnall. This case underscores Binnall’s involvement in contentious legal battles even prior to the imposition of the tax lien in 2018.

Over the past 18 months, his law firm, Harvey & Binnall PLLC, has received approximately $1.4 million in legal fees from his most notable clients: the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee. It’s worth noting that a portion of this sum may have been distributed to local partners working on these cases alongside Binnall’s firm.

Additionally, Binnall is known for defending “Defending the Republic, Inc.,” a group associated with conspiracy theorists Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood. This defense is in the context of Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.3 billion lawsuit against Powell. Binnall’s involvement extends to spin-off groups related to “Defending the Republic, Inc.,” as indicated by state and federal filings where he is listed as an agent.

His law firm boasts expertise in 10 different areas, ranging from alternative dispute resolution to white-collar defense. His own profile highlights additional roles, including his presidency at Parliamentary Strategies, where he provides guidance to professional associations, political parties, candidates, and others on various matters.

Beyond his notable clients like the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, Binnall has taken on a diverse array of cases in recent years. For instance, in June of last year, he assumed the role of lead defense counsel for Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army. Haftar faces multiple lawsuits alleging he ordered troops to torture and kill civilians, with the case still ongoing.

In addition to his legal work, Binnall’s affiliations with certain entities have encountered issues regarding tax compliance. In 2015, Binnall was involved in establishing a Virginia nonprofit called Americans for a Better Economy. However, the group lost its federal tax-exempt status in 2020 due to failure to file tax returns for three consecutive years. Similarly, Binnall served as a board member for America’s Foundation for Law and Liberty Inc. (AFLL), which also had its federal tax-exempt status revoked last year due to failure to file returns.

Jesse Binnall Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Biography

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