Tesehki Age, Baddies, Husband, Chrisean, Baddies, Kids, Fight, Rock, Sister, Daughter, Boyfriend, Real Name

Tesehki Age, Baddies, Husband, Chrisean, Baddies, Kids, Fight, Rock, Sister, Daughter, Boyfriend, Real Name

Tesehki Age, Baddies, Husband, Chrisean, Baddies, Kids, Fight, Rock, Sister, Daughter, Boyfriend, Real Name:- Tesehki leads a private life and is passionate about music, fashion, and social issues. She’s married to Chrisean and they have children together. Tesehki is known for her music career and advocacy work, speaking out on important social issues. She values family time with her sister and daughter, and enjoys being with her boyfriend, who is a rock musician and shares her activism.

Tesehki Bio

BirthdayMay 22, 1995
Birth SignGemini
BirthplaceBaltimore, MD
Age29 years old
ProfessionReality Star, R&B Singer
Notable Singles“Real As Me,” “I Need Love,” “Thinking Bout You”
YouTube Views“Real As Me” (200,000+), “I EATSS” (100,000+)
Instagram@tesehki (1.6 million followers)
Before FameStarted posting music and lifestyle content on Instagram in January 2014
FamilyYounger sister: Chrisean Malone; Nephew: Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr.
AssociationMember of Baddies Caribbean, Baddies East

Tesehki Husband Kids Sister Daugter Boyfriend

Tesehki Malone is known for her supportive role as the sister of Chrisean Rock, a prominent reality TV personality featured on “Baddies South” and known for her tumultuous relationship with rapper Blueface. Tesehki herself has been involved in family drama, having been previously married to one of Chrisean’s older sister’s ex-partners, although specifics about this relationship remain unclear. She is also a mother to a daughter, whose father’s identity is not publicly known. Tesehki maintains privacy regarding her daughter, keeping her out of the public eye. Throughout the family’s public disputes and controversies, Tesehki has consistently stood by her sister’s side, offering support and solidarity.

Tesehki Age

Tesehki Malone was born on May 22, 1995. As of now, she would be 29 years old.

Tesehki Buddies and Fight and Rock

Tesehki is linked with “Baddies East” and has been involved in public disputes and dramas, often supporting her friends (buddies) and engaging in controversies. Additionally, she has ties to the rock music scene.

Tesehki Social Media Accounts

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Who is Tesehki Malone?

Tesehki Malone is a reality star and R&B singer known for her singles “Real As Me,” “I Need Love,” and “Thinking Bout You.” She gained popularity through her music career and appearances on reality TV, notably on “Baddies East.”

When and where was Tesehki Malone born?

Tesehki Malone was born on May 22, 1995, in Baltimore, MD.

What is Tesehki Malone’s real name?

Tesehki Malone’s real name is Latifa Malone.

How old is Tesehki Malone?

As of now, Tesehki Malone is 29 years old, born on May 22, 1995.

What are Tesehki Malone’s popular singles?

Tesehki Malone is known for songs like “Real As Me,” “I Need Love,” and “Thinking Bout You.”

What is Tesehki Malone’s Instagram handle?

Tesehki Malone’s Instagram handle is @tesehki, where she has a significant following.

Is Tesehki Malone married?

Details about Tesehki Malone’s marital status are not publicly disclosed.

Does Tesehki Malone have children?

Yes, Tesehki Malone has a daughter, but the identity of her daughter’s father is not publicly known.

What TV shows has Tesehki Malone appeared on?

Tesehki Malone has been seen on “Baddies East,” a reality TV series.

What is Tesehki Malone’s association with “Baddies East”?

Tesehki Malone is associated with “Baddies East,” where she has been featured as part of the cast.

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