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Helen McGinn is a well-known wine expert and television personality. She spent 10 years sourcing wine for supermarkets. She has been awarded for her work in sourcing wine from around the world. She has a popular blog called “The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club” and has written a best-selling wine book.

Helen McGinn does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page. However, she is featured on various websites and platforms because of her career as a wine expert and author.

Helen mcginn
Helen mcginn

Helen mcginn Bio

NameHelen McGinn
BirthplaceHampshire, England
EducationNot specified
CareerWine buyer, author, blogger, TV expert
Blog The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club”
Books Authored This Changes Everything”
In Just One Day”
The Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide”
HusbandRoss McGinn
ChildrenThree: George, Xander, and Alice
TV AppearancesBBC’s “Saturday Kitchen”, ITV’s “This Morning”
Notable Titles“The Wine Lady”
SiblingTim Robinson (deceased)

Early life and education

Helen McGinn was born and raised in Hampshire, England. Growing up, she developed a close bond with her siblings, especially her younger brother, Tim Robinson, whose tragic death in a carjacking incident profoundly affected her life. Details about her formal education are scarce, but her extensive career as a wine buyer for nearly a decade, followed by her accomplishments as a wine expert and author, indicate a significant level of expertise and training in the field of wine selection and evaluation​.

Helen mcginn’s Career

Helen McGinn’s career is diverse and impressive. She began as a supermarket wine buyer, spending 11 years sourcing wines from around the world, which established her as a respected wine expert and judge. She has authored several books, including “This Changes Everything,” “In Just One Day,” and “The Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide,” and writes for the Daily Mail. Helen also runs the award-winning blog “The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club,” which focuses on wine and lifestyle topics. As a television personality, she regularly appears on shows like BBC’s “Saturday Kitchen” and ITV’s “This Morning,” sharing her wine expertise. In addition to her media presence, she has worked as a consultant and director in the wine industry, including roles at Helen McGinn Associates and Copestick Murray.

Helen mcginn’s Books

Helen McGinn has written some easy-to-read books about wine. Here they are:

  1. “This Changes Everything”
  2. “In Just One Day”
  3. “The Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide”

These books are straightforward and helpful if you want to learn more about wine without any complicated jargon.

Helen mcginn
Helen mcginn

Helen mcginn’s Personal life

Helen McGinn is happily married to her childhood friend, Ross McGinn. They’ve been together since they were four years old and officially became engaged when Ross proposed to Helen at the age of 27. Six months later, they exchanged vows, and now they’re proud parents to three teenagers: George, Xander, and Alice.

Helen mcginn’s Age

Helen McGinn is estimated to be between 50 and 55 years old; however, her exact birth date has not been publicly disclosed.

Helen mcginn’s Illness

Helen McGinn, renowned as a wine expert and author, has not publicly disclosed any specific illness.

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How many children does Helen McGinn have?

Helen McGinn has three children.

What happened to Helen from Saturday Kitchen?

Helen McGinn, known for her expertise in wine and as an author, is not currently associated with “Saturday Kitchen.”

Who is Helen the wine lady?

Helen McGinn, dubbed “the wine lady,” is a celebrated wine expert and author renowned for her accessible guidance in navigating the world of wine through various mediums.

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