Margaret Schilling Wikipedia, Wiki, Body Stain, Obituary, Age

Margaret Schilling Wikipedia, Wiki, Body Stain, Obituary, Age

Margaret Schilling Wikipedia, Wiki, Body Stain, Obituary, Age – Margaret Schilling was born on 4 July 1932 in Jena. She is a German author and an expert on the bells and carillons. With respect to her work as an author editor and exhibition curator from the year 1977, she has been considered by the expert to be the Grand Dame of the Bells beyond Germany. He is in Apolda.

Margaret Schilling Wikipedia, Wiki, Body Stain, Obituary, Age

Early Life

When she was a child she experienced the bombing of Jena, when her mother died early as well as her father was a Soviet prisoner of war. After completing school and an apprenticeship as a commercial clerk in the Jena, he did an internship at the Carl Zeiss, where she was also a photograph professionally for the first time for a company brochure as a supposed laboratory assistant and it has a need to her vocational site as a model which has lasted for more than 20 years and it has also to her abroad. She modeled dresses, jewelry, hairstyles, and hats. She also studied psychology philosophy and English as a gas to student at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. At the same time, she had also worked as a freelance editor and a proofreader for Urania Verlag which was then based in Jena.

In 1972, the Schilling Bell Foundry was expropriator and has continued to operate as a state-owned company under the name VEB Apoldaer Glockengiesserie. She has formally become the operation director and as a technical director. In the year 1976, the couple could no longer compensate for or tolerate the increasingly self-destructive management of the SED rulers. They were compelled to leave the former company and have continued the family tradition outside as well as continued to work as a freelance artist, designing bells, carillons, and gaming devices which were manufactured in distant workshops they wrote reports on bells and carried out with this sound analyses on the church towers.

Margaret Schilling Wikipedia, Wiki, Body Stain, Obituary, Age

Work as Author

In the year 1977, she appeared as an author for the first time with the Bells of the Magdeburg Monastery Our Dear Women. In the year 1982, she presented her book Glocken that is mainly thanks to persistent inquiries for the Greifenverlag Rudolstadt which has proved to be a best seller. Her three most popular books are Bells and Chimes as well as the two illustrated books Bells – Shape, Sound, and Ornament as well as Art, Ore, and Sound – the works of the Ulrich and Schilling bell-founding families from the 17th century to the present.

On the occasion of Open Monument Day on 11th September 2022 the book Franz Peter Schilling – The Last Master Bell founder family by her premiered in Apolda. Her son Dietmar Hauser had presented the fact rich and with high-quality work to 180 interested people in the Old Bell Foundry.


  • In the year 2023, she received the cross of merit with the Ribbon of the federal order of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for her great commitment to the service of the city of the Bells Apolda.
  • On 6 December 2019, she was honored with its 2019 citizens price in the lifetime achievement category.
  • She was an honorary member of the German Bell Museum Association.
  • She was also made an honorary member by the German Glockenspiel Association in the year 2012.
  • In the year 2011, she was honored with the district home care award by the district administrator and district home care officer.
  • On the occasion of her 75th birthday, she was awarded the honorary title Apolda World Bell Queen Honoris Causa.
  • In the year 2000, Peter and Margaret were honored with the Goethe Prize by the city of Berlin for their carillon in the French Cathedral which was handed over in the year 1987.
Margaret Schilling Wikipedia, Wiki, Body Stain, Obituary, Age

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Who is Margaret Schilling?

She was born on 4 July 1932 in Jena. Margaret is also an author as well as an expert at the bells as well as carillons. As an author, editor, and exhibition curator in 1977, she was considered the expert who claims the Grande Dame of the bells throughout Germany.

When was Margaret Schilling born?

She was born on 4 July 1932 in Jena.

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