Matthew Colangelo Wikipedia, Wife, Biography, Bio

Matthew Colangelo Wikipedia, Wife, Biography, Bio

Matthew Colangelo Wikipedia, Wife, Biography, Bio – Former President Donald Trump continues to make headlines with his ongoing legal battles. The latest involves his hush money trial in New York, where he faces 34 counts of falsifying business records related to a scheme aimed at silencing adult film star Stormy Daniels. As the trial reaches its final stages, Trump has once again stirred controversy with his inflammatory remarks about the judge and prosecutor involved in the case.

Matthew Colangelo Wikipedia, Wife, Biography, Bio

Matthew Colangelo Latest News

On the final day of witness testimony, Donald Trump stepped out of the Manhattan courtroom and delivered a scathing 11-minute rant near the men’s bathrooms on the 15th floor of the criminal court building. In his tirade, he targeted New York Justice Juan Merchan, the judge presiding over his trial, and Assistant District Attorney Matthew Colangelo, one of the prosecutors.

Trump accused Judge Merchan, who was born in Colombia and raised in Queens, of harboring personal animosity towards him. “He hates me,” Trump declared. “Take a look at where he comes from.” These remarks drew comparisons to Trump’s previous controversial comments about judicial impartiality, such as his 2016 claim that US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel couldn’t be impartial due to his Mexican heritage.

Turning his ire towards prosecutor Matthew Colangelo, Trump suggested that President Joe Biden sent Colangelo to prosecute him in an effort to interfere with the 2024 presidential election. “He came from Washington DC, the White House, and the DOJ,” Trump said. “That means it’s Biden. That means it’s election interference by Sleepy Joe, our dumb-as-a-rock president who’s destroying our country.”

Trump’s comments about Colangelo appear to violate the conditions of a gag order imposed by the court. This order prohibits Trump from speaking out against attorneys involved in the case, as well as jurors, witnesses, court staff, and their families. The former president has already violated the gag order at least ten times, resulting in $10,000 in fines and a warning that further violations could lead to jail time. Despite these restrictions, Trump’s supporters have been vocal in court, claiming they are there to speak on his behalf.

Matthew Colangelo Wikipedia, Wife, Biography, Bio

The trial, which has featured testimony from 22 witnesses over five weeks, is set to proceed to closing arguments on May 28. Trump, who has pleaded not guilty and denies having had sex with Stormy Daniels, initially suggested he would testify but ultimately chose not to. As the trial draws to a close, all eyes are on the jury’s impending decision and the potential repercussions for Trump’s political future.

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