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Pratham Choudhary is becoming very viral on social media these days and is gaining a lot of headlines. Let us tell you that Pratham Chaudhary is a resident of Gujarat and an Indian youth motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is also an electrical engineer and head of business development at RB Industrial Equipments, based in Surat.

Pratham Chaudhary

Who is Pratham Chaudhary?

Pratham Chaudhary was born on 19 June 2002 in Delhi. He has been a brilliant student since childhood, and his interests are in sports, Photoshop editing, making videos on social media, etc. He is also a motivational speaker and businessman. At present, Pratham Chaudhary is 22 years old, and even at such a young age, he has achieved a lot of fame. Pratham Chaudhary is a very talented artist; he always inspires the youth and motivates them to achieve their goals. Pratham Choudhary is very active on social media, and he provides scholarships and study materials to various helpless students.

Name Pratham Chaudhary
BirthJune 19, 2002, Delhi, India
Age22 years old (as of 2024)
EducationDegree in Photoshop editing
ProfessionYouTuber, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur
YouTube ChannelsPratham Chaudhary (130,000+ subscribers)
Pratham Parivartan (55,400+ subscribers)
Pratham Chaudhary Vlogs (20,900+ subscribers)
Pratham Pryaas (3,480+ subscribers)
Pratham Jobs (2,630+ subscribers)
Social MediaInstagram: Pratham Chaudhary (1.2 Million followers)
Facebook: Official Pratham Chaudhary
LinkedIn: Pratham Choudhary
Twitter: PrathamC99

Early life and educational background

Pratham Chaudhary has a degree in Photoshop editing and is also an IAS aspirant. On Twitter, he has also released some photos and videos with many IAS officers. Due to this, many people have started considering him as an IAS officer. However, there is yet to be definite information available to confirm that he is currently an IAS officer.

Pratham Chaudhary ias

Personal life

However, Pratham Chaudhary has yet to share much information about his personal life on social media. We have collected some information from different sources, according to which Pratham Chaudhary comes from a farming background. He also has a brother. He has yet to share any other information about his family members, like his parents or other siblings, on social media.

Some interesting facts about Pratham Chaudhary

  • Pratham Chaudhary has been a talented artist since childhood and is very fond of Photoshop editing.
  • Pratham Chaudhary is very active on social media. To date, he has added many followers.
  • Pratham is a source of inspiration for the youth. He helps the youth reach their destination.


As I told you, he is an electrical engineer and the head of business development. He is also a YouTube content creator and has been especially honoured by the Border Security Force (BSF). He has been seen several times interacting with various IAS officers and is also an IAS candidate. He has also distributed scholarships and free laptops for some poor youth.

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