Véronique Jacquier Wikipedia, Age, CNews

Véronique Jacquier Wikipedia, Age, CNews:- Véronique Jacquier is a French journalist known for her work on CNews, a French television channel. Her career has been marked by both recognition and controversy, with some of her statements and opinions sparking heated debates. This article provides an overview of her life, career, and notable controversies.

Véronique Jacquier Bio

NameVéronique Jacquier
AgeNot publicly disclosed
RelationshipPartner: Caroline Poiron, Reporter-Photographer for Paris Match
ChildrenTwin daughters: Apoline and Cloée (born 2010)
Notable ControversiesStatement on French colonization of Algeria, views on emotional response to tragedies
EducationNot publicly disclosed
CareerJournalist for CNews, presenter of “En quête d’esprit”
Personal LifePrivate, but maintains strong ties to St-Raphaël

Véronique Jacquier Early Life and Education

Véronique Jacquier was born in France, although the exact date and location are not publicly disclosed. She grew up in St-Raphaël, where she spent her childhood and has maintained strong ties to the region throughout her life.

Véronique Jacquier Career

Jacquier began her career in journalism, working for various media outlets. She gained prominence as a journalist for CNews, where she presented several programs, including “En quête d’esprit,” a religious-themed show. Her work on CNews has been marked by controversy, particularly regarding her views on historical events and her approach to journalism.

Véronique Jacquier Controversies and Criticisms

One of the most notable controversies surrounding Jacquier is her statement on the French colonization of Algeria. She claimed that France colonized Algeria to put an end to piracy and slavery practiced by Muslims in the Mediterranean region. This statement was widely criticized for its inaccuracies and lack of historical context.

Another controversy arose when she criticized the emotional response to the Russian bombing of a children’s hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine. She argued that the constant display of emotional images was becoming voyeuristic and that people should not be moved by every tragedy.

Véronique Jacquier Personal Life

Jacquier’s personal life is relatively private, but she is known to have a partner, Caroline Poiron, a reporter-photographer for Paris Match. They have twin daughters, Apoline and Cloée, born in 2010.

Véronique Jacquier Social Accounts

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What is Véronique Jacquier’s Profession?

Véronique Jacquier is a French journalist who works for CNews, a French television channel.

What is Her Notable Controversy?

Jacquier’s statement on the French colonization of Algeria, claiming it was to end piracy and slavery, has been widely criticized for its inaccuracies.

What is Her View on Emotional Response to Tragedies?

Jacquier has been criticized for her view that people should not be moved by every tragedy, arguing that it becomes voyeuristic.

What is Her Relationship Status?

Jacquier is in a relationship with Caroline Poiron, a reporter-photographer for Paris Match, and they have twin daughters.

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